Musical brick breaker

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I got it! 5 Points

Touch the ball with paddle on level 1.

I just hit something green! 5 Points

Hit a green brick

I just hit something red! 5 Points

hit a red brick.

I just hit something ultra! 5 Points

Hit a ultra brick.

I just hit something Yellow! 5 Points

Hit a yellow brick.

It takes time my friend 5 Points

Stay in level 1 on easy mode for 12 seconds

Kinda normal. 5 Points

Beat level 4 on easy mode.

Noob 5 Points

Destroyed the middle green block on level 1 in easy mode.

One brave soul 5 Points

Clicked on Hardcore mode

Sticking to the basics? 5 Points

Clicked on easy mode

Still pretty easy 5 Points

Beat level 2 on easy mode.

This lives up to its name! 5 Points

Beat level 5 on easy mode.

Time to have fun! 5 Points

Clicked on "Start game"

Um still kinda easy? 5 Points

Beat level 3 on easy mode.

Well this is easy! 5 Points

Beat level 1 on Easy mode

Time is points 10 Points

Stay in level 1 on hard core mode for 20 seconds

I'm a legend 100 Points

Complete Hardcore mode

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Update: :
There are now 8 new bricks, as of before there was only 3.
the new blocks are:

Light blue brick: Flashes light blue and yellow.
Takes 4 hits to break.

Purple brick: Glow a purple color.
Takes 5 hits to break.

Blue brick: Grow and shrinks.
Takes 6 hits to break.

Blue and yellow brick: Flashes from blue to yellow.
Takes 7 hits to break.

Black brick: Glow slightly and looks more grey then black.
takes 8 hits to break.

Ultra brick: Flashes onyx colors.
Takes 9 hits to break.

Mega brick: Flashes onyx and neon colors.
Takes 10 hits to break.

Extra special bricks:

Physic brick: Has a rainbow heartbeat.
Effects: When hit moves and bounces if of screen.
Takes 4 hits to break.

Tons of bug fixes: Ball getting stuck on side of screen seems non fixable I will try again in next update sorry.

Extra features:

More medals.

A reset button.

3 new types of bouncers.

difficulty select.

Whats new menu.

2 new introductions.

Invert paddle on some hardcore levels so watch out.


"Z": Fires a temporary ball. Recommended to use if ball gets stuck,

"Left" arrow key moves left.

"Right" arrow key moves right.

Invert control's:

"Z" Shoots ball upside down.

"Left" arrow key moves right.

"Right" arrow key moves left.

Coming soon:

Medium mode will be in next update

Hard mode will be in next update.

Pause hot key might be in next update. Tell me what you think.

More balls and paddles will be in next update.

More bricks "might" be in next update.

More Medals might be in next update: Medal capacity is getting full =(.

More special bricks will be in next update.

A mute button will be in next update. For those who don't like the music.

More bouncers will be in next update.

Hazards might be in next update.

Reflectors: Moves side to side and try's to reflect your ball

Higher rating? that's for you to decide.

Thank you.

p.s this is still in beta.

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This game has much potential, but right now, there are too many problems to get all the medals (I donĀ“t know how to get secret medals though) For one, the ball can get stuck under the padle. Second, you have no control over where the ball goes. That right there is a main feature in these types of games. Third, It is possible to spam the tempoary balls and actually change the direction of the non-tempoary ball, so that's a plus. Last, there really is not much music. I hope you can change all this, such as adding a tempoary ball limit, and making it so it's possible to change the direction of the non-tempoary ball with only the paddle. 3 stars for the great game base, and to build up into an even better, less buggy game.

Gets frustrating very quickly. The paddle moves at nearly the same speed as the ball, so unless you're psychic, you automatically die. Not to mention the ball keeps getting stuck, or sliding under the paddle to give you an insta-death

SKINMAN123 responds:

Lol, yeah thus is one of my older projects I could change that when I get the chance.

There are still to many glitches in the game, frustrating if you hunt for medals.

SKINMAN123 responds:

Sorry I will try to fix those.

Awesome game! Love it can't wait for next update!

SKINMAN123 responds:

Thank you very much.

The ball kept getting stuck where the paddle couldn't reach it- like in the tiny space below where the paddle floats, and in the very top of a level. The ball out just go in a straight line back and forth with no way to make it stop without resetting the level. Also there doesn't seem to be any way to aim the ball-which is sort of the point of brick games, isn't it? All in all, the game is decent at best. All of the positive things- cute graphics and interesting idea- are overshadowed by the bugs.

SKINMAN123 responds:

There is a secret z key feature to fire your cannon use that if that happens.

Credits & Info

3.28 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2013
1:11 AM EDT
Puzzles - Sliding