Hot Throttle

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A bunch of men jogging in their underwear: lame. A bunch of men pretending to be cars in their underwear, chucking knives at each other while making "vrroom vroom" noises: Hot Throttle. Prove you have ball bearings of steel and square off against other 'enthusiasts' in this fleshy racing game. Will you win enough money to take your dream all the way to the plastic surgeon and become a real car?


Creativity: 100%
Gameplay: Boring

wish I could come up with stuff like this! heel erg gaaf

Dafuq did i just play? Good game.

Wow... What to say about this? I like the game. Great graphics, music, story, everything really. There's a definite style going on here and it makes the game hilarious and enjoyable.

What this game is missing is a good tutorial. I have no idea what any of these items do; I just mash a bunch of buttons when I feel like a weapon would hit another contender. The game is also sometimes unclear about what is a path and what's a wall; coloration doesn't always point out where to go or what you're allowed to 'offroad' on.

Aside from that I liked the game a lot. The graphics and story had me on the floor laughing, I only wish it was longer.

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Weird Akward and f*cking Creepy but great game.

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3.49 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2013
11:30 AM EDT
Sports - Racing