Reading Laser

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This is game about 4 dimensional speed reading.
Imagine laser in the brain to read the front book by light speed.
Then the book was read in unconsciousness in a twinkling and you only need to receive it.
You can't believe? This is not kidding.
for more information, click 4 dimensional speed reading homepage banner in the game.


Wow, such harsh judgment from other players. The controls are simple. I just used the arrows, clicking seems like a bigger pain but the player can choose the one he/she prefers. The description says that love powers up your ability, maybe it means love for reading, hence it blocks out tv while you read. Since the person also says it consist of only one level "currently" I am guessing this is a sort of demo to find out if users will find it entertaining before this author puts more time into it. I'd say go ahead! Add some upgrades, maybe a money type system or experience points to spend on upgrades. Maybe even add a few different power ups. I have to admit that letting the player choose when to shoot would help game play become more interesting and challenging. I found both difficulty settings to be incredibly easy, so maybe make three different difficulties with bigger tv boxes to dodge, or smaller books for targets. Just a few suggestions. Good luck with future games and thanks for the upload.

This.. this scared me

can't even get it to start

Strange behaviour of the controls...
The levelselection is weird; you have to click the number of the stage first and THEN the difficulty. I would it like ther other way round: first select the difficulty and then the stage.
To move the head you have to hold the left mousebutton and drag it over the screen. I tried to fire with clicking, but it fires automatically when the enemy (the book) is at the same height.
I don't get the heartpages, what are they supposed to do? They didn't seem to do anything, just pulse some time behind the head.
The score and the lives don't reset when the game ends and you keep them till you reload the page.

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2.08 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2013
12:47 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS