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YOU SHOULD PUT THE QUALITY ON LOW! YOU CAN TRY MEDIUM IF YOU HAVE A FAST COMP. Some sounds might be weird cuz i couldnt find the exact weapon sounds. Enjoy.



awesome man


I liked the way the para troopers werent immortal and how that one guy came back in da hummer. Overall it was a pretty cool movie.

AFK2 your

fucking weird you say they would of sent 30 men not 6.
u really want to wait that long for 30 men to get on a helicopter.
also leaving that soldier behind and then having him on the hummer was a great touch and if you don't like it then go and fuck yourself u fucking arsehole.

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that wuz ok

well it wuz intersting. U had some weird tactics there. First of all the machine gun would rip through the tents and all of them would be dead. 2nd Airplanes, would have responded to that, considering therw wuz no beach head set up. And thridly 30 soilders would have attacked, not 6...

You Did It Again

This Was Awsome. This Time You Covered Medal Of Honor Sounds.. Well Theme Song Anyway. It Was An Awsome Movie But A Lil Funky. Still i Give It A 5 Nothing You Make Comes Out Pure Shit. Its Always Good but not always perfect. Counter Operations However Was Very Perfect.

Retarded Animal Babies Still Rox0rz

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Aug 28, 2002
4:23 PM EDT
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