The Last Hope

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You awaken to find everyone gone with only faint memories of what happened.

This game features 3 different weapons, simple bosses and cutscenes.


actually pretty easy, once you've figured out that there's a map. just choose the longest path and you'll end up in the room with the boss. good thing that it isn't buggy (at least i havent encountered any bugs). but it's too short and simple to be really entertaining. the concept is allright, nothing special but allright. just try to develop some kind of story and a more complex weapon-system (like buying/upgrading, etc.) and it could be interesting.

Ow yeah so bad hitboxes!
And mobs come back when you come back too!

Wooow, so much work, I evaluate it at... 2/5 !

the gameplay is so addicting but it has its flaws but it has good more then bad 5/5

The game has potential, by no means a new concept, but that's okay. Few things to patch up: Walls should be totally solid, you shouldn't get stuck on walls, in once case I saw an enemy get stuck as well. You don't get anything from monsters when they die, whether it is score or health, etc. you need something since they do respawn.

Alright I'm going to be straight with you about this. You have a good idea going on here with the game, but there are a few things. One thing is, it would be nice to get/find health packs, this is because when we go out exploring the area we take quite a bit of damage. Yes I know the object is to get out alive and such but when the weapons we have shot half as fast as our enemies and a little bit shorter then theirs we take a bit more damage then I think you intended lol

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3.04 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2013
9:23 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional