The Simple Test: Beta

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This is a second version of The Simple Test,and I added some more parts than the original one (that I found in Archive disk).
Thanks to http://ivofajardo.deviantart.com/ for providing the download link for free :) (oops,that BSOD picture at the end)
Music is "bobmberclone_2.xm" by Cerror :D
The Minecraft Achievement button image was generated at Minecraft Achievement Generator. (Google it,please!) or: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Minecraft+Achievement+Generator

Well,simple,yet annoying game.
P.S.: Watch out for false "Here" buttons that RickRolls you or searches "Here" on Google!


cannot get past the 2nd one

pleaseignoreme responds:

Try everything you can think of!

what did i just go through ?! O_O''

pleaseignoreme responds:

Haha,it was made to test my Flash animation(honestly,it was a tutorial-like one at the first.).
I played it and even I,myself,felt "WTF!?!" like you felt!
File was from Flash MX,that I converted and edited some parts.
I had fun modifying this 3-year-old Flash file,yet I feel like I have ruined some parts as well.
I will make some more parts and "WTF!?" stuffs in the near future.
Thanks for reviewing!

1. Click the title
2 to 4. use tab button
5. just keep pressing tab and enter
6. click on the smiley c: face
7a. Right click > Zoom in twice, drag around the screen, find the light grey text "MAYBE"
7b. Use tab
8. Right click > Forward
9. click the achievement
10. Right click > Forward
11. Right click > Forward couple of times.
12. (mouse over pi,) it's the end of the test!

I hope that helped you finish the game if you couldn't know what to do or gave up.

pleaseignoreme responds:

Maybe next time,I would like to put Anti-Tab-Cheat code.

I'm not sure if I actually liked this. Well I didn't, it's just text and music. Nothing else, no animations, no gameplay, no fun.

pleaseignoreme responds:

Well,it IS for now.
I will update this one as soon as I learn something more than basic programming and create much better one than THIS.

ahaha lol got rick roll'd
rated 2.5 because it doesn't deserve any good rating but doesn't really deserve a bad rating either.
you should have made like hitboxes at the 'press' buttons though because it's kinda hard and annoying to click 1 pixel lines. thats why i gave up at the rick-roll-thing. otherwise i would've continued and looked at the further levels as well (if there are any). ;)

pleaseignoreme responds:

Yes,there ARE more levels,and I failed to assign hitboxes at that time,but I will fix it :)
Thank you!

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Jun 25, 2013
3:15 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click
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