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Zombie Survival ZS

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I am creating a multiplayer zombie survival game. I been coding the whole multiplayer engine for a month by now so don't think this will be the graphics in the future... it's just to test the engine. I am in need of help so if you're good with as3 shoot up an email at giorgialvarez@gmail.com if you're interested in becoming part of the team.

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it has potential but the it works as far as I can tell

That was still sweet even though it's not complete... I was spawned into a blog smiley existence on the internet along with two others, their names "username", I had added two letters randomly, making me "userndoame". Right of the bat I was different and the three of us started to become self aware, aware of our identities, aware that there were other similar life forms around, and aware that we could move and communicate. I proceeded to troll them, making it a very worthwhile and fun moment in time.

It's a very early alpha? then you should have made the project, and posted a preview link ony our profile. not releasing it.

NycGio responds:

i needed people to connect to it to test the multiplayer engine, putting it on my profile wouldn't be any good.

Ok... Man dont espect stars for alpha-of beta-of something version of game. Can't wait to play final version. Good luck in making it seem's like fun game coming :D. Pls tell me what you planning to pu there ? Shop ? Money ? Many weapons ? Waves of zombies ? Many types of zombies ? Choosable skins ?

NycGio responds:

open world zombie survival game, with big maps. You have to loot around and find random items to survive. Yes you will be able to fight with real powerful zombies and die quickly if you're not equipped correctly

Cool test, but still just a test... lookin forward to the game though!