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Silence in the Study Hall

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WARNING: ELABORATE MENU - The Flash screen may show white for a few seconds at the start of the animation - do not be alarmed - the menu will appear in a few seconds. Apologies for the inconvenience.

In celebration of the end of finals season, my animation class final, for your enjoyment:

The assignment: 'A student studying for finals discovers the student next to them is dead. What happens?'

My next animation project, Kanon Rock, is now in pre-production, and for the first time, it's seeking crowdfunding at kickstarter.com. If you're interested in backing the project, you can receive the film early, or even make an animated appearance within the film! Check it out here: http://t.co/iaosDJ2PKV

Tom Sito, the animation professor for the class mentioned in the credits, is a prestigious animation icon, responsible for classics like Osmosis Jones, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and The Lion King. As my teacher, I had a great deal of fun with blatant pandering in this video, from displaying his books, to using his portrait, and so any in-joke in this vid most likely relates to him. Love ya Tom!

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Well that was weird.

You're right. That menu IS elaborate.
Maybe you could've finished it sooner if you didn't make the menu so elaborate.

Elaborate sounds funny now.

RPGsrok responds:

The menu was made specifically for the flash version, and did not factor into the week taken to create the animation. I'm glad you liked(?) it~

It was an OK animation, I say you should have added a few more annoyances but its OK as is. Now to close my review i would like to as a question. By any chance did you have Silent Hill on the mind when you made this cause the minute i saw the guy rise from the dead i just had that thought hit me in the head, especially since the first and last word in the title is not too far off from its spelling?

RPGsrok responds:

I think you're right overall - I tried to follow the rule of three with the sound of him hitting the table, the sound of him snoring, and the sound of him... getting smothered in acid, but some of those could be elaborated upon. As to the title, that was not my intention (actually made the title after finishing the animation), but that is what I'm going to be telling everyone from now on. =D

I really like this!

RPGsrok responds:

Thanks so much!

This was entertaining. Overall I can tell that you worked hard and I personally think you did a pretty damn good job here. Keep 'em coming!

RPGsrok responds:

It was a long long week, and I don't pretend the result was too pretty, but I'm glad you found something to like. =D