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Green food can make you fast.
Blue food can make you slow.
Yellow food can make you turn around.
Light blue and orange food can change your location.
Pink food can change other food.

Arrow keys to move.
Enter - Pause / Restart ( when dead )
ESC - Exit ( when dead )
M - Mute

UPDATE 1: Fixed a stuck on loading in Firefox due to the event canplaythrough not being fired correctly. EDIT: It worked locally but not on newgrounds. ( I think it may have something to do with the iframe )
UPDATE 2: You can now "Force" it to play by clicking the loading button. ( It's automatically forced after 5 seconds )

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love this snake revisited! so addicting once you figure out all the colors lol

Well, how do you win? Or go to higher levels? What the heck killed me? What is the purpose of the game? Is it just an exercise in computer programming?

Zer0Problem responds:

>Well, how do you win?
You don't. It just keep getting harder until you die. ( Just like real life )
>Or go to higher levels?
There is no higher levels.
>What the heck killed me?
Probably a portal they're kinda tough.
>What is the purpose of the game?
I am sorry I didn't know a game needed a purpose.
>Is it just an exercise in computer programming?
Kind of. I wanted to be able to make a browser game.

Well, the game is a revisited snake, the principle is not that bad, but a walkthrough with effects of each color would be useful, the tetris theme does not fit with the game, graphics are a little too cheap.

It's boring and not interesting anymore after some minutes.

This game is ok, but it is still just a remake of Snake with a few new twists.

It was worth playing. I got 43 points. I found it interesting when you eat multiple portal blocks and your snake is warping all over the screen. It is also in a conveinient size, so if anybody still has the nerve to use dial-up, they could play. :P Also, one question. If this game is 4 kilobytes, how did you manage to fit an entire audio track into it? I found it a little odd though how tetris music is playing in a completely different game.

But anyway, 3 stars.

Zer0Problem responds:

I don't know what's up with the 4kb. I uploaded a 6mb archive with both .ogg and .mp3 of the pickup sound and the music.

I needed both .ogg and .mp3 because IE can't play .ogg and some other browsers can't play .mp3.

And I got 81 points more than you. :)

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2.95 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2013
1:04 PM EDT
Skill - Collect