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The Random Transformation

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This is an animation I did for practice, it looks pretty messed up to me but maybe newgrounds might like it so here it is.

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....i like it

I actually thought it was pretty good! It is pretty rough sure, but clearly you could make something pretty damn cool if you take it nice and slow. If you focus a bit more time and patience into a project, you could do a really great job I think. You got potential guy, let it out:)

It's a good start. Honestly the amount of skill and effort you put into this is better than most of the things submitted here. Adding more time into your work and making the art less sketchy and using color and backgrounds etc... you could make a pretty decent flash. My only real complaint is the scene with he airplane. The plane's motion is off, I can't really explain it but look at videos of jet fighters doing maneuvers and just cruising and you'll probably see it.

Actually, this was pretty interesting. But don't dog on your work. If the author can't respect his own work, then why should anyone else?

Thanks for the warning.
Just kidding, it wasn't really retarded. A good way to practice animating is just to do random stuff without any context, which is what you did. Random transformation animations can be interesting, but I feel like yours was too fast paced, maybe. The bit with the plane seemed very out of place, too. Animation looks jittery. I don't know what you're using to draw, but if you have a tablet, I'd suggest turning off pressure so that your lines look more consistent, until you get enough practice with it. Cool idea, longer than I expected it to be. Just continue practicing drawing and animating. Study animation (not in school obviously) by watching some professional animators animate, it really helps. And continue practicing and stay determined.

Garanord responds:

thanks man will do.

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Jun 20, 2013
11:07 AM EDT