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Welcome to the lands of khazyle, where all sorts of beasts run wild and where the elements are yours to control. You play as Hedora; master Archer, as she protects the lands of Khazyle. Use your arsenal of weapons and manipulate the elements to fend off incoming orcs, trolls, the undead, and even dragons. Are you up to the task at hand?

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Was rather boring.

The graphics are nice, albeit the gameplay is repetitive. Also, when i tried to spam any magic, the game will be glitchy in the sense that i cannot move my character to aim and i became a sitting duck because i cant do shit for like 30-60 seconds.

the graphics was good, but as everyone else says its repetitive

looking forward for a sequel, hopeful a better one other than that good work

The hero is far too powerful and the enemies have almost no chance.

For what it is, it's ok. If what you're after is a FPS where your enemies stumble out of the forest and slowly walk to their doom towards a hail of arrows and other unfair advantages. There would be the occasional enemy who'd make it up the tower wall to clumsily swipe at you before being dispatched by a few quick sword slashes. A dragon or giant bat might get in one lucky cheap shot in but it's not really enough to keep your attention long.

Have the orcs throw their clubs at you and you deflect them with your shield or shoot them out of the sky.

The art style is a tad chaotic hodgepodge of cartoons, photos and flash cutout.

That's not how you hold a bow, also she's an elven archer who's found the time to paint her nails but not wear a bracer (arm protector) when using her main weapon?

A game like this really is too easy to warrant the use of cheats.

It's still a good game, just needs a bit more work.

Overall, nice game. Graphics are decent. Takes a bit to get the hang on switching weapons, although a hot key to switch would have been nice. I found the leveling system a bit too Spartan. You can't control your stats, they seem to only go up when you improve your equipment. Equipment selection (weapons, armor, and shield) are fairly limited and not hard to have all of them by level 15. After you acquire the best equipment, and master all the elements, the game goes into snooze mode. As in, you can't do anything but accumulate gold and levels now.

Monster selection was limited, and after awhile, it gets easy to anticipate their moves.

If this game has a sequel, please at least give my review a thought. A good story would help too, especially if you can con one of the NG voice talents to lend a hand in the forums.

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3.25 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2013
10:46 AM EDT

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