Sq.E # 5 - Senior Prom #1

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The 8th Graders are about to go to a prom in the Staaten, and Lubch won't invite them. At least not Err for reasons unknown. I will convert this to video soon! For now, enjoy it in flash version while it lasts. This is a two-part episode BTW, and I hope you enjoy! God Bless You!


He should get cancer in the next episode

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At least you actually drew the characters yourself, or at least I hope you did. That's the only reason I'm giving you half a star.

This series, like your Teens' Adventure series, still suffers from boring writing. The writing usually does not go beyond everyday stuff (Croissant Day? Mismatch Day? Really now?) and this could have been interesting, and there were so many things you could have done with this plot, but didn't. You re-use the same story multiple times with only slight modifications, and the story you use over and over again is not very interesting, at all.

Honestly if you have trouble being original, then animation is not for you. Even this episode was based on an event in your school, obviously the permission slip comes from there too. Practice drawing your characters on-model, one minute Lubch's thin then the next minute he's back to normal. If you don't even put in the effort into making your main character look right, then that's just pure laziness there.

I'm gonna say this as a BRO, painted backgrounds and shading do not cover up your terrible artwork. I know that ever since Misty decided to use painted backgrounds, you decided to rip him off because they look nice, but if you're a bad artist, then the painted backgrounds will make that look even more obvious.

The dialogue is just as awkward as usual, which you have been told countless times but manage to ignore each and every time.

You improved, but only very little.

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I thought it was really good.

The animation was well done and smooth, and the writing is a huge improvement from your other stuff. The plot is fun, and easy to understand. I'm really seeing some improvement here.

The only that I think could be changed is that Ovel ripping the paper in slow-motion kind of ruins the pacing, though it's pretty good other than that.

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Natty23 responds:

Thanks for the good review!

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Jun 17, 2013
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