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Speed Demon

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It's the end of the world! And it's up to you to stop it! There exists a Nice and Accurate book of prophecies that foretells The End and how to go about stopping it. You must save the book from a burning bookshop and deliver it to the ground zero, but first you have to get there! Crazy things are happening and it takes a lot of effort to maintain composure and keep it together. Don't lose all your focus or you won't make it in time. Questions? Good.

W and S for menu selection. ENTER to select.
WASD to move.

Initial Release V1.0
Didn't include everything I had hoped to include, but it's playable. Source available upon request, if any fans want to expand this to something magnificent.

EDIT: Sorry for lack of preloader! It's loading during the white screen though. Honest.

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Pretty cool game, was gonna give it 4 stars, then I noticed the 8-bit 'don't stop me now"

mmm... to difficult

The old school-ie graphics are pretty damn great, as well as the the 8bit Queen music. The only issue i have (and this may be because i'm just bad at playing games) is that there are far too many small rocks.
All in all, the Good Omens theme makes it worth playing. I can't wait to see what happens with this game in the future.

Kilos responds:

Hey, thanks for the feedback! There are quite a few rocks, but they also do the least amount of focus reduction. It's a bit of a tradeoff, but sometimes it's easier to just go for the least damaging route rather than avoiding everything.