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Ice Racing 3D

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Ice racing 3D is racing game. Select your level of difficulty
before you start your race. You need to clear the three laps
to qualify for the next race. Collect booster on your way to
speed up your bike. Check your lap record after every race.
All the best!

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great game you did there.
it still has some minor issues for example it didnt show the correct score sometimes.
also you need to work out the place recognition a bit, i was shown to be sixth or 3rd but was first anyways. i saw some of the enemy drivers (especially 2nd and 3rd place driver) be stuck into each other maybe programm them in a way so that they have at least 1 second between each other?

The turning feels weird.

The problems with the game are the hit boxes. They work sometimes, and then dont the other. The other racers can cut corners where I cant and will just smack into an invisible wall. Also, the barrier push back on the off road terrain is horrible. If I mess up like that once it costs me the whole race, no matter what place I'm in. And lastly, the boxes that tell what position your in don't work and just flip between random numbers. If these problems were fixed, the game wouldnt be that bad and would have gotten 3-4 stars

Not bad, but could be better.

I wonder was there a bug, the position changed all the time, even though I was 1st all the time?
Also I didn't always get the points, even if I drove through a star etc. You should fix them.
But it was a pretty good game! You could choose the difficulty, it was playable, good music (but maybe there could be more than 1 song?). I think you should train more making the levels more 3D.