Aqua Boy

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Aqua Boy's latest mission has gone drastically wrong, so he's going to have to shoot some octopuses with his gun. An epic adventure awaits!

You can play with the mouse and keyboard, or with "twin stick"-style keyboard controls.

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i'm truly disappointed in the 3 star rating for this game. the game is extremely enjoyable.. i never once ran into a glitch. the story-line in is quite nice. the game-play is not boring and has the right amount of difficultly throughout the game.

i look forward to any sequel you may or may not have planned.

Should have added some secret places in the reef!

Controls are very smooth, seems like a fun game overall. Sound was a bit overwhelming, might be a turnoff for some folks.

This game seriously needs more stars....
When I first saw that it was a three star game on the games page I was a bit apprehensive to play it but, the screenshot looked interesting so I played it.
Immediately, I was hooked. This game has such a great atmosphere and mood, which is really tied together well with the soundtrack.
The game play is solid but I would like to see more precise shooting because, although it was adequate, I felt like it could use a little improving.
Also, I found that I wanted to up the quality of the game but alas, there was no option.
Another critique would be the fact that there wasn't much of a pause menu.
Now, aside from those "problems" this game was fantastic. Instant classic in my mind.
I would love to see a sequel with a much deeper storyline.
I loved that all the sea creatures were actually a race of people that were cursed.
It made you feel like there is so much more to learn, about them, their king, and the world they live in.
Also, the little voice acting that was there was fitting. I wished that I could learn more about Aqua Boy's friends and I was also hoping for some sort of Home Base to go to, aside from the underwater caves. Like a high tech Submarine (Maybe the destroyed one could be fixed?) or maybe a surface island were your non-aquatic friends are stranded?

To finish this long review I'll end on the most surprising note: THIS WAS ALL DONE BY ONE PERSON. Well, the code art and music... which is basically everything.

So, to summarize: Increased game quality, more precise mechanics, and an in depth pause menu would make this game or a SEQUEL( ?:D ) better.
Keep the atmosphere, add more music, and a richer storyline and you've got yourself a very unique and classic flash game.
Good work, Duncan.

nice work

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3.96 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2013
1:33 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional