Fate : Last Off Memories

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In certain time, the boy lose his shadow.

To get back the shadow, the boy and the shadow must come to the obelisk.

The shadow must be the first come to the obelisk, so the ritual to get back the shadow can be done.

Use the movement to solve the puzzle.

Play through the mystical world and help the boy to get back his shadow.


i thought it would be good, but it didnt give controls or any way to tell you how to play. it seems impossible, because, first of all, which side has the ritual place? thats why i rate not so good.

The game mechanic doesn't fell alright . Let me explain: How could you tell the right align between the boy and the shadow can be on the right direction to intersect the obelisk? When you start a level you start as a boy walking with no shadow reflected on the lake towards the purple orb . then your game task starts from there. but how do you solve the puzzle ? its impossible cause you the boy walk slow and your shadow fast and also add that both entities walk in opposite directions if you walk left your shadow walks right and so fast than you . no easy tell you do the rite right way . and if a collision happen at any right or left edges you start over the level again. This puzzle can be solved only by the developer . Merry Christmas all!!

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I don't know what I should do?! Your advises didn't help me at all... I have tried many many times and I just don't get it. And the character moves really slow...

HE MOVES SOOOO SLOW!!! It drove me crazy.

I honestly couldn't get through the tutorial. It's far too long and not needed.

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2.40 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2013
6:08 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle