mario vs sonic (super)

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please see on youtube!
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=f-Cb-uCPDFQ
enjoy, this is my first preview of superstar mario vs super sonic
i would greatly appreciate it if someone told me how to convert it to a youtube acceptable format without the lag, ive been finding a way for quite some time but i couldnt find a way still
support my youtube channel by subscribing in which i will soon upload other things!
http://www.youtube.com/us er/LightningofHeart245


I think this is really good for your first try, im not accustomed to flash but i'm just wondering if you could add more detail to the sprites ? Its just that to me it seems the background outshines the characters a little if that makes sense ? anyway good attempt

lightningofheart245 responds:

i reall dont understand but anyway thank you and il improve

Not bad; although the sound quality and pacing could be improved.

lightningofheart245 responds:

the sound quality is ok to me, but you could message me and tell me more specifically, like whats wrong exactly
constuctive critizism(i hope i spelled it right) is always good

This is really awesome

lightningofheart245 responds:


Ok, this type of think has been done before, see Super Mario Brothers Z, otherwise good use of flash, and decent effects, if im not mistaken.... DBZ elements?

lightningofheart245 responds:

yea i know, this is a classic fight
and yea those are dbz elements

Oh wow, another sprite animation with different render colored game characters.

Oh ho, this is rich, they are "fighting" as well, a Plumber is fighting some Anthropomorphic hedgehog for no apparent reason.

Yeah no this is terrible, the blaring music doesn't help as well.

lightningofheart245 responds:

oh wow, another troll who comes to be a hypocrite,

if you really think this is terrible, well make a better sprite fight in which i KNOW someone like you wont lol
obviously you dont even know a thing about flash, thus why you have no work of it on your profile
before you say a video is terrible, make sure you are better in which you arent, ignorant dumbass LOL

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Jun 10, 2013
10:32 AM EDT