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I made this game as part of my GCSE project but I never managed to get it finished in time. I know it has a few bugs in it and the game is rather ruff around the edges but here it is in all its crappy glory.
I am very happy to take all constructive criticism about the game but please leave the hate comments for some other game, I know the game isn't amazing.
I just wanted to put it up on the site to see what the public had to say about my game. I want to see the good and harsh comments so I know how to improve my game.
When commanded to search just roll your mouse around the area. You will eventually find intractable objects. Sometimes the objects will act automatically but sometimes you will need to use your LMB button. You will know a object is intractable when your mouse turns from its default appearance to the âEUoepointing fingerâEU.
Clicking the objective will not progress the game. You must do what it says, not just click it.


I like it!

It was a really good storyline and I think the battles were fun. The only reason the others don't like it is because they couldn't complete it.

After the first chapter, I got bored. However I went on to give you a chance (UNLIKE 'The B0ss') and I have to admit, it got better. You could have made it a bit longer and the spelling was poor. But carry on making games. Your definatly a Favourite User!


Well Done!

P.S. It was good for a GCSE Project - look at the description

1 Star Because Its Playable I Just Dont Like It.

ffs that snake made me jump y would u do that QQ

Thomashut responds:

Haha I am sorry for any harm done. As for why I done that what can I say, I'm just a horrible person :)

cool idea, but it's so hard to find the first few items that i quit before long... Consider putting some kind of graphic hint as to what you need to click on. (cracks in the wall, ladders, etc... ANY details would be really nice.)

one big issue i found is that the areas didnt seem to respond until 30-45 seconds in, so i found myself having clicked everything in the image to no avail, only to find that the first object i clicked was in fact the one i needed.... especially because the graphics are so lacking, this was both incredibly boring and incredibly frustrating.

There are several errors in the text, such as the message "Three weeks latter:" that appears after you turn on the computer. The story could use some work, and so could the graphics, but you have a really nice start.

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2.11 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2013
6:44 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click