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Megaman Parody #1

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Megaman fights against Ridley from Metroid Game!

visit my youtube channel:
http://www.youtube.com/us er/AnaxcartoonsWEBTV

hope you enjoy!

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I'll echo what others have said and say that the intro was way too long. Besides that, I liked the music and animation and art. The single joke in this (selecting Rush and he was charging) would've been funnier if Mega Man's fall wasn't so long and you didn't have that cliched yell sound effect. It should've been a quick cut and a second of falling. It also ended too abruptly. Other than that, it seems like it could get interesting,

Overall good, but way to long intro

It was a nice--albeit funny--video. But, you need a shorter intro, about 1/3 or 1/4 of the video was the intro. You WILL LOSE viewers, and potential fans, with long intros. Instead really (really) shorter intro, and then you can put everything else in the credits.

Really nice, but I see what you tried to do there. The introduction has been used a lot of times, shame it was stretched out though causing so much more potential with the time. I can only say, that i hope the next video of this is very, very promising. It's going to be awesome I assure and hope, but It's hard to tell by this first impression. Keep it up though.

Anax responds:

btw thanks!

People need to relax, its a tribute parody. not a full fledged episode. Enjoy the animation and art for what its worth. this score of under 3 stars is somewhat preposterous for an animation this clean and focused.