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The Joker Wins

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This is a short sprite animation I finished back in March, 2013. I'm not sure why I never bother uploading, as personally I think the animation was good. I was testing my creative thought process with this animation that took 4 days to finish in total. I guess that's it, enjoy Akuma dying, I'm sure most of us do.


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This was pretty good. The animation was pretty decent-- not quite as high-octane as some of the sprite fights I've seen, but well above average. Sound effects were well executed, and fit perfectly with the action.

And for the record; Mark Hamil Joker is best Joker!

However, I would have preferred seeing the fight between the two of them before the Joker delivered "The Killing Joke" (comic book references!) on his opponent. That is to say, it's a tad too short, and it makes Akuma look like a complete wuss-- because, let's face it here, the Joker's no Kung fu master. Surprisingly capable at fisticuffs? Sure, but certainly not on-par with a "memetic badass" who uses the Satsui No Hadou (that's Akuma's fighting style, if you didn't know). Not only that, but Joker didn't even get to use any of his signature weapons-- like the joy buzzer, or a crowbar.

I see that questioning look on your face.

Yes, really. A regular old crowbar is considered to be one of his signature weapons. He used a crowbar to kill Robin in the comics--

And I'm gonna stop ranting now...

Other than that, I have no complaints.

I love it, it's creepy but cool

Wow I loves Joker move like that. Man keep creating like this. :D

Pretty good with solid animation. Somewhat short without anything standing out, though.

Why would you give away the ending to a fighting animation in the title? It's like if the subtitle in FF7 was Aeris Dies.

FF7: Aeris Dies. Then, spoiler, she ends up dying and nobody is surprised or cares because they knew it was going to happen.

The animation is good, it's just really short. The title should be something like 'Joker vs. Akuma' or...anything but what you picked.

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3.38 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2013
6:41 PM EDT