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Dr Lee UAssault

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The robot invasion is under away! Assist Dr Lee in leading his own mechanical army, using your tactical wit to take down machine menace's base, and to defend your own! Dr Lee is no coward, though: pick from a selection of weapons, and control the good doctor himself to blast the enemy to smithereens!

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thought this was good. it started a bit slow and i was still left a bit confused about the different commands but i really started enjoying it more and more further on. btw my time was 43mins lol

What am I supposed to do, exactly?

interesting game

This is a fantastic little time waster. I was initially put off by the demo because the overhead screens caused a LOT of lag. I tried to move past them as fast as I could because it was lagging so much.

I would suggest making the Last Guy (LG, no spoiler) a lot weaker. At the end of the game, I found that it came down to me and the other guy having small crews of LG's shooting at each other. They were so powerful that everything ground to a standstill. I finally won by swerving around them and shooting the home base.

I did notice some bugs:
When targeting gets to max, the icon doesn't dim like others do.
The last gun doesn't seem to work. Couldn't get it to do anything. The one you unlock with it is very nice though.

Also, I thought the 24 hour achievement was unreasonable. I did play for about half an hour (though it felt longer in a good way).
The sidestep icon was really vague as to what it did. 'Press E when walking' isn't very specific. Try something like 'Press E to quickly jump in the direction of travel'. That would have gotten me to get it faster, since it was very handy at the end (dodging around LGs to get to the base.
I would like to see more of a contrast in my units and the enemy units. Perhaps my guys get a green bar, and they get a blue bar as well as the different colors. I say this because I frequently found myself shooting at my own units because I forgot who was who.

I really like this though.

I'm a fan of the gameplay and the music
Not sure if the BGM is perfectly appropriate for the robot invasion theme. It reminds me more of a fantasy RPG setting. I still like though.
The art needs improvement though, i sometimes find it hard to tell my units from the enemies unless they're shooting me.