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RHG Guitan vs Frajto

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my first RHG battle ever. Frajto challenged me and i accepted. i made a quick survey as to who to send out to fight, people overwhelmingly chose Black to go out and represent :P

this fight is NON-CANON to the "SCF" series. although it stars Black and all of his "abilities" he has learned as of episode 7 it will not impact or have any reference to the actual series :3

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The ending to this is hilarious! LOL!

amazing skills coming from black the more he trains the stronger he il get amazing vid btw

He should've said 'talk to my sword'. :D Overall this was a pretty intense fight, and not too short either! It's got both the action and those refreshing SCF cutscenes too, with plenty of humor. And that ending lmao. Nice work!


"Compensating for something?" His new-found ability: HUMOR! IT MAKES HIS OPPONENTS FALL FROM STOMACH CRAMPS!


If you REALLY want to know what abilities black have, continue reading. If not don't xD

Black have all 3:

Wind element
Odd fighter- Hula hoop
Enchance- Make skin harden

Awesome RHG