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Giraffe Attack!

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Professor Lion just wants to read his book in peace, but Giraffe has to come along and ruin his day.

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AAAAHHH U SICK MOFO U TOUCHED MY WATER BOTTLE...lol :) very funny wonder how giraffe is doing now lol


For the first few seconds i thought "Yea not bad i guess."
But ending was somehow epic :D

That was really goofy, but fairly entertaining as well. For some reason, I was reminded of tlgmedia in terms of animation. I guess I was just disappointed that the joke didn't really go anywhere. I wanted to see the giraffe be killed by the lion. I doubted the opposite was going to happen. The giraffe totally deserves it, though.

I like how clearly everything is presented. It's easy to understand. I just think you could have more jokes in it. The one it does have just doesn't seem that clever. You do have some good animation, though.

It's prety good, it just ended to abruptly