Alien In disguise

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This is a short movie about an alien disguised as the Australian Prime minister being caught and executed.
Not much of a story line but I just like to animate now and then.

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Interesting film. One thing I think you should really do a bit of research on is sound mixing. My sound teacher at university says that if you can turn off the picture and the sound works well on its own, you have yourself a good mix.

Moreover, some of your sounds were too loud and when you wan a sound effect to loop or pause between shots, you're gonna wanna crossfade them.

Nevertheless, good work! I look forward to seeing more.

nicely done

made me think "whats the hells is going on here" which i think was your goal
if not.... then nice try i guess

anyways like your animation, like drawings, the alien that walked could have been much better though you handled it well, sounds effect where nice too really liked the street lamp, background noise were annoying in my opinion and the mystery was a little hasted but well performed

keep it up^^

great animation, and drawings of the people/faces/aliens/soldiers and of the backgrounds, as well as, great lighting, and explosions effects.

still, while the animation is superb, i must say: this needs a story.
or, it could make a good action movie, if you had an actual script going on, OR, it could a fun parody of the alien-invasion movies, making fun of them in a creative way!(if you added more humour, and less of a sudden ending like that.)

you could do it, like
1. alien transforms into australian president
2.she goes at a world UN convention
3. his disguise runs out of batter, and he is revealed to be an alien, and not the australian prez.
4.they hunt the alien in a benny-hill type of chase OR
5. they shoot the alien and the real female president of australia arrives and says ''what did i miss?''

something like that.

like i said, you have the skills, and the talent, you now need a story!

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4.00 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2013
4:39 AM EDT