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Renoir doesn't find his western lifestyle fullfilling.
But the music might guide him

Music: Limehouse blues by Django Reinhardt
Ronda alla turca by Mozart

I invented this simple story, because i was reading a comic in spanish "EL EN BOBIGNY" by Ignacio Minaverry and when i read the name of "Django Reinhardt" i listened to that song, and i knew i had to make a story out of it.
I apreciate constructive feedback


not bad... infact i liked it^^ though i had some truble reading the tekst cause it skipped so damn fast at point and even though the font you used gave the movie style it was still a little hard to adjust to...

but this is a good story^^ keep it up

Thaiel responds:

Yeah i apologize. Nobdicking but i read too fast and besides as i had already read it maybe i thought people would read it like that.
But as someone said below, ill try to use less text
Thnx for the comments!

I enjoyed the story though it went by a little bit too fast, I kinda wish it was longer, I love claymation :D keep it up!

One glaring issue I have is the extreme amount of text at the beginning. You're doing an animation. Tell the story with the action, not with text at the beginning. A little bit of text is fine, but 30 seconds of hardly a couple sentences isn't going to make people want to stay. As a suggestion, you could do some intro animation (like panning along the house or still pictures of things) with text underneath. This allows you to show the animation and give the backstory without making people wait.

I would also suggest you put in something for the clay people's eyes. It's kind of awkward to see clay people sans-eyes doing something.

Finally, the writing is a bit large, and the font feels like it's too fancy. An option for subtitles and a simpler, smaller font would be much nicer. I also suggest that you start the video off at the front of the house...panning around the house and at that speed tells me nothing except (cardboard house?)

Thaiel responds:

Yep i did the house
. I would love to do as you said, but its fatigating to do so much with such a shitty clay.
I knew the text was too much, though the font wqs on porpouse.
Ill try to do as you say next time, and to buy a better clay. Harder so i can make eyes, and my people dont fall each time i touch them.

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Jun 2, 2013
7:27 PM EDT