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Agixion 5 Points

Go to Agixion.tk

Store Bought 1 5 Points

Buy this in the store

The task 5 Points

Understand the task

First Buy 10 Points

Buy something

Store Bought 2 10 Points

Buy me in the store

0 Secs 25 Points

Upgrade you sec fully

Holded 25 Points

Beat the game

Store Bought 3 25 Points

Buy me in the store

Store Bought 4 50 Points

Buy me in the store

Author Comments


Its quite simple.... Just use your mouse and click on the big red button. Every [BLANK] sec the button is being hold, you earn earn [BLANK] points. You can increase these in the shop.


Hello everybody, yes i am aware that this a strange game and that not everybody will like the idea of this game. Now you cant say this is a crappy game.. i put a lot of work into this game, but you probably don't care. So basically what i am trying to say is that i made such a strange game because other stupid games like this have got rewards, and no i'm not coping them, this game is completely different from other games, So i just thought if i took a simply stupid idea and combine it with stuff my game needs and what user have been asking for like: Volume control, multiply sounds, Shop, multiple modes (Endless mode in the end). Then i guess you should have i good game (or better at least). So just let me know what you think, be my fan, or check out my profile or chill at Agixion.tk...

Remember i will listen to you guys, So if you have any request just ask :)

By the way.... This is just the intro of a big series i will have in the future..... (And yes the series will be allot better)

:: EDIT:: BTW 999 in the shop means more than 999

:: EDIT Check out the YouTube video i made for it http://bit.ly/13wHory

:: EDIT OK, i listen to you people and i update the sound (kind of) And added two new scoreboards :D Any more suggestions just ask... Im giving this my all.

Also the game now counts how long you play the game, longest play gets on the scoreboard :P

:: Sorry this update took so long, i have been busy all day.... In this new update, i fix the 999 sign in the shop....
Thanks to those in the comments that let people know how the points go ;)

WARNING:: Endless mode is quite crazy there is a warning that lets you know its not part of the really 'game'.

:: WARNING EDIT:: Strange sounds wont work no more, sorry about that... (I told you Endless is crazy!?!) I will attempt to fix it.

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i held it for 93 seconds

For those you want to get the medals play all the way through until you get them all/beat the game. The medals will appear on your game screen, but only one will show up on your profile.

At this point refresh the game and open it up again. All of the medals will appear on the game screen and this time they should show up on your profile too.

The game itself is very simple, but actually a refreshing change since I didn't have to mash the mouse. The game just needs updated graphics and longer gameplay with more upgrades and features.

All medals except "understand the task" doesn't work :(((

Waste of time because this game has no gameplay it's just a medal gathering thing.

not very nice to have broken medals!

wow good thing i refreeshed [page before reviewing!! so cool game it was fun but i did not get the achievements so now i think it was to easy and super waste of time thanks for ruining my night you weep what you sow