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Planet Wars

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Simple controls make the game easy to pick up and play.

Play through the 10 mission campaign, with beautifully illustrated graphic novel style story panels. Missions range from offence to defence missions- upon which you can build a base to stop the alien horde.

There is also a survival mode with 6 maps, where you destroy wave after wave of incoming aliens.

Earn in-game money with every battle you fight, or every achievement you earn. You can spend on upgrading your weapons by buying different components. There are 7 different upgradable parts, this means you can completely customize your gun and armour to suit your style of play.

There are over 70 different items and components in the game with which to do this; including 17 core weapons which range from standard rifles to flame-throwers and rocket launchers: Make a fast firing sniper rifle with exploding rounds, or a deadly powerful shotgun with a bayonet for close encounters!

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This game was fun when I originally played it on armorgames.
Checked it here to see if it was on since flash will soon be out of use and wanted to try playing it with the newgrounds app to solve that flash issue.
I read the comments from years back saying the game didn't work and just said "download latest flash player", so I had guessed that was just a browser issue they had since the comments were so long ago. I tried playing it on the newgrounds player, and it had the very popup they were talking about, so it's only my guess now that this game is probably unplayable now unless it gets a bug fix, or whatever is causing that problem on the player.
Still, it was a good game back when I could play it.

"download latest flash player"

give me a break.

everyone knows that means a game just isn't working.

it tells me to download the latest adobe flash player, although i did that yesterday, i even downloaded the latest shockwave flash player and every other adobe flash product, but it stil ldoesnt play the game. maybe you should disable this checking emchanism.

Yea Good Game :3

5/5 pretty short,addictive,a lot of possible weapon designs and my new favourite

Credits & Info

4.19 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2013
4:24 PM EDT