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"The Code" SAB Ep 02

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When Igam's teleportation spell starts causing problems around the apartment, Sophie turns to an ancient ninja code to teach him a lesson.

Watch the 1st episode here: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/618685

Watch all the episodes here: http://www.youtube.com/us er/superapartmentbros

The second episode of Super Apartment Bros, a short comedy series about three video game characters living together in a pixelated world. Sophie, the cat-girl ninja princess, Griffin, the retired space marine, and Igam, the sarcastic mage. Check back weekly to catch every episode of the season!

Subscribe to the youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/us er/superapartmentbros
Like the Facebook page to see more: http://www.facebook.com/S uperApartmentmentbros

Created by, Directed by, Executive Producer: Eric J. Stover http://www.ericjstover.co m/
Co-Producer, Written by: Luke Dornbush http://www.wix.com/lukedo rnbush/writer

Voice Actor: Courtney Garcia
Sprite Artist: Kathy Kissinger http://www.kkissianim.com /

Voiced Actor: Jonathan Cooke
Sprite Artist: Lorenzo Kunkels (TheShard1994) http://theshard1994.blogs pot.com/

Voice Actor: Sean Chiplock (sonicmega) http://sonicmega.newgroun ds.com/
Sprite Artists: Brianna Trusty (kilaicious) http://kilaicious.deviant art.com/ & Lorenzo Kunkels (TheShard1994) http://theshard1994.blogs pot.com/

Koopa Nerd
Voice Actor: Luis Illingworth (@luisill) http://luisillingworth.co m/
Sprite Artist: Katrina Guillermo (@vampku) http://gdkitkat.tumblr.co m/

Old Man Mario
Voice Actor: Sam Passer
Sprite Artist: Katrina Guillermo (@vampku) & Pokekoks http://pokekoks.deviantar t.com/

TV Announcer: Graham Richardson

Additional Sprite Asset Artists
Eric J. Stover (toadking07)
Katrina Guillermo (@vampku)
Lorenzo Kunkels (TheShard1994)

Set Artist: Aaron Dintino

Parody Logo Artist: Pyro Helfier

"Iron Plague, A Sinistar Clone" Design By Daniel Cook, (LOSTGARDEN.COM)

Storyboard Artist: Jordan Murphy http://www.creaturecarous el.com/
Episode Animation: Juan Diego De Obarrio
Intro & Credits Animation: Eric J. Stover http://www.ericjstover.co m/

Main Theme/Credit Music: Ben Ray http://www.youtube.com/us er/firstturn...
Sound Editor: Eric J. Stover

"SAB Groove FADE" Music: James Primate http://brightprimate.tk/

Sound Designers: Alan McKinney http://mckinneysound.com, & James Primate http://brightprimate.tk/ , & Ben Ray, Soundsnap.com, Matt Wesdock

Web Designer: Shawn Griffin

Special Thanks to: Andrew Dornbush & Guardian-Beast http://guardian-beast.dev iantart.com/

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This one was really solid. I think the jokes were really well done, especially the written pieces in the labrynth. The animation is really well done!

Pretty cool. Just needs a little more action for my taste. The plot could use a little more development of how the ending would be, and the cheat code was only mentioned twice in the story. This kinda sounds close to 'Wario does a Thing."

Overall I give it 4.5 stars because of the animation and voice acting, but the problems mention above nerfed it. Good job and good luck making more!

SuperApartmentBros responds:

Appreciate the review and feedback. The title is sort of about the cheat code, and sort of about the ninja code, but in the end, we could have just titled it Super Apartment Bros Ep 2. :/ This was one of the first scripts we wrote so our pacing and timing was weaker and we worked to improve it as we moved forward.

Keep an eye out for the next episodes and keep telling us what we're doing right and what we're doing wrong!

Nice voice acting, the pixel art was good, and so were the jokes. What I liked the most is that you kept going back to themes: The mage didn't just teleport, but also cast fire, summoned a familiar, talked about spells, etc. I hope there's more coming.

SuperApartmentBros responds:

Thanks for the review/rating! We bring back a number of themses through the series, we'll be uploading the rest over the next few weeks.

cool animation

SuperApartmentBros responds:

We had a good team on animation for this series. :)

Man, have I been there before. This was a good movie.

SuperApartmentBros responds:

Thank you, glad you liked it!