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Universe Matt Miles: EP0

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The Universe of Matt Miles: Cleaning
Total run time: 08:24

So I finally finished my university project, a bizarre comedy about living in a shit hole of a house that needs cleaning.

Hope you enjoy it~

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I DEMAND there be more of this, because this was absolutely AWESOME

Nice video. While it wasn't exactly my type of humor I can see the the humor in it, even though to me it seemed a bit too extreme with that form of comedy (I did enjoy the space part though). The animation worked well, and the concept of the entire thing seems really good in my opinion. If you put out more of these videos I would watch them, since it was entertaining.

the meaning of WTF!

It definitely should be compressed, time-wise. You've got about four minutes worth of content, methinks.

you know people are hard up for money when a group like that decides to live together.

Curlypanda responds:

Welcome to my world, I live in a house with 12 other people, and these guys are probably more cleaner than the people I live with if that's even possible!