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A necromancer, in spirit form, has abducted your boyfriend and you must traverse through old ruins, caves, and castles to save him!

Z - Attack
X - Jump
C - Power Shot (only when you have 500 points)
P - Pause Game

Like Final Warrior, your health regenerates after every scene, so I created almost every stage a bit difficult to balance that out.

Credits to the following:
Lesley Sauers

Make sure to visit their websites in the Credits section :D

Other notes:
There are still a few bugs to fix, but overall, you will be able to beat the game. More updates coming soon.

5/31/2013 EDIT: I'm aware of that game progression in the Lava Path, where the Flaming Skull is near the top and two Eye Evils below. I have updated the file, but for whatever reason, the latest build isn't showing :P

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1) I absolutely dig the music. It's boppy and adventurous without being too mind-numbing. 2) I like retro graphics and the like, and graphics don't make or break a game for me, but I feel like you need to commit a bit harder to an aesthetic and find a way to streamline it. 3) I like some of the mechanics that you put in, like the wall-climbing, but I'd like to be able to duck, and I'd like the control to be tighter. Some of the enemy placements for the introductory level are on a pretty high learning curve for just getting the feel for the game, and that gets a bit discouraging. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing how your game creating develops over time.

DariusSlayer responds:


As this was my first project, I expected it to have some faults to it but am learning from those to better myself next time. I'll note what you've typed and will improve upon Final Warrior 2 with that in mind :)

Cool game :D

DariusSlayer responds:

Glad you enjoyed it :D

No up for jump? No WASD? No mute button? No option to change controls either, I see. Also, the graphics needs to be both better and clearer: I fell to my death in the first level because there was no indication that I COULD fall to my death at that spot. The music isn't very good either.

Sorry, but I just can't think of any reasons why I should give this game a high rating.

DariusSlayer responds:

I understand your frustration about the control layout and options. While keeping the programming simple, I did sacrifice the viable options that could have been.

As for the music, I had to go with what, I felt at the time, a good mix with the artistic style of the game.

I hope to improve my programming with each title that is released, or find someone who can do a (way) better job than I. Thank you for playing, though :)

Real fun. my only complaint is that there are no mute button.

DariusSlayer responds:

Ah, yes. I should have implemented that. I'll put that down for the next update :)

Credits & Info

3.70 / 5.00

May 31, 2013
9:28 PM EDT