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Brawler Bear Arena

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Brawl your way through the animal kingdom in this RPG-Brawler mix. Level up, buy new gear, and even craft them! Train your skills and hire henchmen to be be the ultimate brawler bear.

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This game does have a good concept HOWEVER! This game is still being made, as I can tell. It would be strongly suggested you try to add more into the ubying menu's for everything. Crafting should have a higher limit of levels for the secondary skills to level 9 or 10 instead of 6.

Adding a PVP and Unlimited leveling helps too. Let us build up Arena Tokens from facing player's and their Bear's for the pvp Arena Store. It'll give things better than ever. By a great deal with the Minmal Level Requirement to use the Store as level 15 or 20. Also, if you ever do add a PVP, make it towhere we can type in their Registration I.D. number to face them. If they aren't Online we can still fight them, but get less rewards(50% of the rewards). But if we do fight them Offline, make it so the game tracks how they fight so it can use that in PVP Arena. Also adding a 100% Damage block with a Mana Shield that would cost 200 would be good.

You can heal yourself if you buy a Dancer from the Cheerleader for 160 coins!

Needs a save system.

Also, to everyone who can't figure out how to save, it's one of the 'buff' skills you can learn from the trainer.
9/10 because of the lack of the save system, and the 'summon elephant' spell freezing the screen. (everything freezes, but it still says I'm walking around, leaving the area does solve the problem too.)

how do you heal yourself? searched half an hour how to?

Gets repetitive