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Send your seeds flying to the far edges of the kingdom!
Upgrade the seeds and plant them at the right spots, blooming beautiful flowers in your path.

This game saves your progress. If your progress is not saved:
- Make sure your browser allows cookies.
- Make sure your browser delete cookies on exit.
- Make sure you are not browsing in private / incognito mode.
- If you are using any software that deletes cookies (like CCleaner), disable that feature.

- Swipe left to inhale, then swipe right to blow and send the seeds flying.
- Click to drop petals.
- Swipe while seeds are flying for second wind (if you have unlocked it).

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I played it till the end on Kong and I'm surprised it got so little views here. Great game!

The music is so appropriate and the art is stunning! Love how the colors and music change for each area. Every detail is beautiful from the background and flowers to the color of the dinosaurs eyes.

Rated 5 / 5 stars
he has a good point i feel, about half way into the game i found that it is not hard to spec your stats in a way that makes it nearly impossible to loose the game, but for what it is i think this is close to a perfect game. maybe a hard mode with some more obstetrical could be fun for older gamers but I don't think that is what you had in mind. so i think the only thing i can say at this point is... thank you, and good work.

Good preloader, interesting concept, saves your progress, friendly for all ages and gives the player something to aim towards. I could not find something to critique as the game's upgrades and constantly changing settings make it not as repetitive as other games of its' type.

I love it , my only problem is the endless mode at the end....you should still be able to purchase the upgrades that you didn't get in game mode, and there should be an endurance option where you start at thee beggining and attempt to end up at the castle in one try.....endlessly flying through the marsh really is endless, even without full upgrades, but making all the way through the game would be a fun challange......But super cute, and a lot of fun...great job