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The Adventurer

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Made in 25 days for the NATA 2013 novice round.

Sometimes making an animation can be kind of an adventure in itself I guess. I began this animation with not much of a plan as to how it would end. I just wanted to animate to the mood of the provided music, as the round theme description said.
In my eyes this is one of the worst possible outcome, maybe because I have had a lot of other stuff on my mind such as those darn exams. But at least I feel like my worst has gotten better over time, so I guess that is always something to be happy about, huh?

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lovin the animation

If it was a computer RPG it would have ended sooner because it would be like "Purchase Full membership to receive more quests." really cute little animation though, it really sums up why people play video games! :)

This was Good..
The Animations were Great and what i Love was how the Story was made ..
It was clearly and Adventure for him, doing a Lot of things ..
And the Music too was Awesome, really suits in.


this animation is RPG like the kind of games that you can open your imagination to like slaying a dragon or getting gold and upgrading your armor and wepons I like the plot to this story it reminds me of The Guardian. The Guardian is on this website so try to check it out. I liked how it represents us when we are on the computer, WII, 3DS,etc. keep up the good work and make more of things like this