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Ninja vs Zombies 2

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Ninja vs Zombies 2 is unique action game combining the best aspects of platformer and fighter genre. You need to combine your acrobatics skills and mighty weapons to defeat hordes of zombies.

Game includes 20 levels of zombie-fighting fun! Visit 3 beautiful locations, fight different types of zombies, ranging from normal walkers, to flying, fire-spitting ghouls!

Upgrade your sword and shurikens to deal more damage, your health to endure more damage and agility to run faster and jump higher. Invest in meditation to increase your souls meter, which let's you perform super-attacks and cast fire spells.

Arrow keys or WSAD to move and jump
Mouse to aim and attack
Q/E to change weapons
F to cast fire-spell
Space to perform special attack

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3 weeks later:



reminds me of super house of dead ninjas

cool game i rlly like all of the stuff the katana is epic!!

I enjoyed this game; just wish it didn't get so buggy in the higher levels.

I liked the art work and Japanese theme on the zombies (a game can have zombies without shotguns, who would have guessed it). The Kimono Zombie was nicely done with the appear and death sequences. LOL at the Sumo doing E. Honda's special attack.

super buggy. your art was good and the challenge curve was good though easy, but the bugs are really bad. At around lvl 13 your jump becomes useless because it sends you flying out of screen, the monsters stall, and the entire game crashes at lvl 15. I also didn't like the upgrade system too much. The price to reward didn't seem very reasonable. bottom line this game needs fixes, after that should be a pretty fun time killer.