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Resident Evil 2 - Items

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re-uploaded for bad sound quality (it was pretty bad) keep the constructive critisim coming.
running around a zombie apocalypse solving puzzles like a kid with ADHD sums up resident evil 2 (best game ever)

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Imagine how annoyed Leon would be at Chris and Jill in RE1.

that game would load for ever but was the best game out there.. i enjoyed this show

lol that was great i was thinking that as well when I was playing the game.

Resident evil 2 has so much fodder for jokes. if you read the notes you find out that the chief of police was paid by umbrella to sabotage the police station so their wouldn't be any survivors and after he completes his job, reading his diary tells you that woman he killed figured out what he was doing while none of the other cops could and instead of escaping he decides to play hide and seek with her WHILE you are running around trying to solve his puzzles. Ada was hired to get a sample of the virus yet she was found hanging around the police station parking garage( which is ironically next to the 8 prison cells that the place has). Let me tell you how many samples of the virus might be there. We still love the game anyway. I look further to anymore jokes you can make off of it.

not bad