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Two idiots set out to pull of the greatest heist in LL history:
Stealing their boss's prized porn collection.

Happy Lock Day 2013 & happy 10th anniversary to the Lock Legion!

Wand ~~<3


this was a great movie!
great job as always magic wand, you can join the clock crew if you want, one day ;)
this movie reminded me a bit of ocean's eleven, or the italian job, and many great heist movies, and this one sure had that feel in it.
it's black an' white style also helepd in the epic feel of the film, and i also enjoyed the music, teh camera shots/or camera pans, at certain points of the movie, like when the ''boss'' dia-lock was near catching them red-handed, or when they were approaching his closet/cabinets, and the whole humour in it, was not only teh story, but the final chase and escape at the end. hillarious!

you are truly the gem of the lock legion.
they should treasure you for your great animator skills, and for your amazing humour.
do more.
(i also liked the music, stealing the magpie, a classic)

and if you EVER get dissapointed by the LL, you can always trun to the CC ;)

Good stuff as always.

It reminds me of some old silent films, plus it is black and white and everything.

You should probably give this atleast a T Rating for... obvious reasons.

Great Animation! I also love the art style.

My good damn of woah man. This is good oh my you're so awesome

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4.17 / 5.00

May 26, 2013
12:46 AM EDT
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