The Self-Destructive

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A new game comics by us!

It is VERY challenging and even if you were one of the few that breezed through our previous game comics, you will stumble on this one. If you haven't played them, you are well advised to do so at http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/613089

This one has more traditional game elements of point & click adventures but the basic premise is the same as before: Make a comic that fits with the title (i.e. The Self-Destructive). You can swap panels' position and change panel content by clicking on certain objects.

Note that we have a walkthrough this time (we will also make walkthroughs for the earlier games).

I am not sure that this is the way forward for our game comics but it is quite a puzzle game. Perhaps even a bit too clever for own good.


I liked it but I do think it was perhaps too hard. I wouldn't have even known that the pill bottles and such could be switched if I didn't look up the walkthrough. That said I barely made any progress without help. I'm gonna blame that on this being my first time playing such a game though.

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AthleticDesign responds:

If you didn't play the preceeding levels/comics before this one, I really would expect you to be totally lost! Hopefully the walkthrough made it enjoyable nevertheless.

It's been awhile since I played this, but since I came across it again thanks you your new submission, I thought I'd write a review. The presentation of the story was the most stunning part of this game (I disagree when other commenters say this isn't a game. It's interactive and it can be won or lost so it is a game). Even the gameplay was interesting in that you needed to get the comic strips to interact with one another in order to win (although trying to activate the switch in the dark was a little annoying). I too had to use the walkthrough for even my second time playing this so it isn't easy! It is a great game though.

(Also, I am having trouble with your game "The Fanatic" that is still under judgment. I've run out of hot spots to click on to uncover more of the plot.)

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AthleticDesign responds:

You know what? I wrote/designed The Self-destructive and I have trouble solving it myself after having been away from it for a while... Ok, that's a slight exaggeration but there is some truth to it.

I am looking forward to write walkthroughs to all of the levels. I hope you have solved The Fanatic by now. If not, check back later. The walkthrough will be made even if it may be a while.

The hints in this game isn't understandable. Why am I told to give up playing the game and that I'm worthless. Basically this isn't what I call a game, sorry. I'm sure if public people saw a game like this on the market they would not be buying it.

I'm sure whoever made Super Mario would really get that you can't make games.
I don't understand the game. Is she dead and her friends seems too oblivious. Please you can't make games like this on purpose. Sorry.

I played the previous games and I still struggled intensely to make any sense of this. Looking through the walkthrough, I really do think there is way too much of a stretch to be made (especially if you cannot see the appropriate button in some of the panels). I had to look up nearly the entire story. It's interesting for a change in one panel to effect changes in the other three, but when there's so many layers it's just frustrating.

That being said, I did enjoy the complexity of the characters.

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AthleticDesign responds:

Ok, thanks. As I said in replies below, we will make at least one new level that will be placed before this one. And that level will introduce some of the mechanics of this one.

I've really enjoyed piecing these comics together, this one is definitely the hardest so far, probably the first one I got seriously stuck on. If it hadn't been for the walkthrough I probably wouldn't have been able to complete it.

AthleticDesign responds:

You are in good company. I highly doubt that anyone has made it without some help from the walkthrough. Our play tester nearly made it but in the end he still needed a little hint. It may be that the difficulty of this one warrants it to be the final comic/level when all the comics are made.

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May 24, 2013
2:25 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click