Yamimash Animated

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Hello my wiwel care bears :3
Yup, Yamimash! xD

I've been wanting to animate this video for quite some time now!
the point is not to scare you okay?
is to show how scared was Yami at that point!

and also yeah, Shading!!
Still need to practice a lot, but I'm glad I decided to do it :DD

I hope you guys enjoy it :33

http://www.youtube.com/Li xianTV

The Following | WTF IS THAT!?!?!?
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=EJrPc6NgLN0

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I really like your animated walkthroughs of people playing scary games, I like your character's exaggerated but funny facial expressions, and making a scary situation hilarious. And of course pointing out some quite accurate flaws of the games.

P.S You should try doing an animated walkthrough of RadBrad too. :D

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LOL yamimash is a youtube guy who is recording his video games and it is funny nice dude :) and good animate

Every LP ever, with the new trending animation style inspired by Spazkid and Egoraptor. Not bad, just coudl have been a little bit better.

Woo, that skinpeeling effect at the end was nicely done! Overall I'm getting a bit bloated on all these gaming videos though, first it was actual videos of game footage, then videos of people playing games or game footage, than animations based upon people playing games or game footage. Doesn't seem like the most creative of animation choices... but it was well-animated. Nice work!