Jovian War

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Guide your vessel through the clouds of gas giants, destroying any aliens that stand in your way. Collect rewards and upgrade your ship at the end of each level.

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should have a special coin to get to renew ship power.

Ship is still much too large in my opinion. I cannot stand between the rows of enemy fire and avoid getting hit, because the wing tips catch the damage. I admire the realism, but if you're going to make the ship that big, then maybe make the playing field a bit larger?

farflamex responds:

Made the ship about 25% smaller. I thought it would ruin the mobile version but it makes no difference since you can't see the ship underneath your finger anyway (just looks like your finger is firing), so it works a treat.

a good game you have here, but lack of music and sheer power of tiny enemy vessels make the game a bit annoying.
please make the small crafts weaker or let the gun make more damage.
but good work nevertheless.

farflamex responds:

Uploaded newer version, enemies are about 20% weaker and the large black ships which were especially annoying are now 50% weaker.

Also reduced the player-ship hitbox a bit as it was too big. I can get to level 9 now :)

Doesn't fit on my comp screen. Top and bottom chopped off. I prefer using keyboard controls as I am using a laptop. And lack of upgrades makes this boring.

farflamex responds:

There are upgrades at the end of each level. Not sure why the screen was cut off, what browser are you using?

I like this kind of game. This one is more difficult no due to frightening quantities of foes but to the enormous size of your own ship. It's sad that the game ends once you're destroyed. I like the graphics and especially the background nebula, but the game needs music. So far it is an entertaining game.

farflamex responds:

Think I'll reduce the hitbox for the player ship slightly, a few people have mentioned it. It was intentionally big so you could see it clearly on mobile phones, but there's no need for it on PC so I'll reduce it a bit.

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3.77 / 5.00

May 22, 2013
1:19 PM EDT
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