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The Impossible Dream

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Author Comments

Hold left mouse button to go up, release it to fall.

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I really enjoyed playing this game. I love the sprayer style. It's definitely unique :)

points for decent art, I like the urban style! The game play was alright. Could have been better. Overall, a pretty decent game!

Bandana-Crew responds:

Thanks for the words Mrccbirdguy :-) we won't forget your goodness :P

its kinda great but it just feels generic... I feel a bit of jet pack joyride on this...
art is okay for
game play not so much
sound its fine
all in all maybe a 3

Bandana-Crew responds:

Thank you for the feedback SoundOfSilence!
Yes it is similar to Jetpack Joyride, but it is understandable, cause both games are the same type, but if you walk hrough the levels you will find many differences in game play and appearence. Anyways, thanks again and have a great day! :-)

Hm...after being killed in the Stick mode, my hero doesn't respond to mouse clicks. Maybe it's my mistake. Otherwise, good game. For the moment I thought that it would be another Helicopter game clone, but this one adds enough new elements to make it fresh.

Bandana-Crew responds:

Hi, vladetam!
Thanks for the review. I played through the level with the sticky mode and there were no problem, I am not saying you're lying just saying that even if it is a bug it is not so often visible, so you must consider yourself as a lucky :D Have a nice day!

Not too bad. I like the Idea how to fly but the game lacks real entertainment. It's just addictive and not real fun. The shops offer is way too small, the controls on the keyboard are horribly arranged (perhaps you should change to A S D or something like that). The background music is annoying. The graphics are OK.
3 Stars for this average game

Bandana-Crew responds:

Hey, emreror12345!
Thank you for the review! You may think the controls are horribly arranged, but if you think a little bit more you'll find that all the keys are next to each other - ctrl,shift,z,x,space :-) Have a nice day playing it :P