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ECOLOGY allmost done

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You are a wolf and earn points by playing minigames and taking quizzes.

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well the game itself wasent all thqt good. the other aniamls (that led to minigames) should be able to bump into you or ebe walkig around. the minigams were to far apart and were not easy to read. As far as sound goes a buterlfy makes moer noise. no sound affects no music nothing. the wolf didnt relaly look liek a wolf do to the low hea dand low body. A wofl looks a bit dieffernrt shape wise and almost though it looked liek a black boar. a really small boar. a bit too small for a wolf and there were no istructions besideds what you wrotw int eh description whitch wasnt much. When the other animasl or wolf stops moving there legs should not keep going. they should stop mabye move there head sit down or somthing but they wont be walking. more senery would have been nice to add some land marks or lakes and rivvers around. othr then that the game was a bit old in the first few minites. the miniegames didnt relaly have a real objective or anything to original or new. infact during the bear minigame the pkatfirms loooked alot liek mario's platforms.........................

This seems to be one of those "So bad it's good" games. Between the canned graphics, the broken controls and the quizzes being hard to read because of the backgrounds, this game stands out like the creepy figurines I like to collect. I've added it to my favorites (seriously, I did).

If this is your definition of "Almost done" I'm afraid I've got some bad news for you. First off, The animations are canned. I've seen them before in other games. Your idea to have a game based on ecology is actually pretty cool. (I've got a degree in Wildlife Management) But your execution is poor. All the activities are too far apart and the controls aren't that good. With some more time and effort, I think you can work something out and make this a good game. But as is, it's just not that good. Good Luck!

Its a pretty good game. 1 star.

I think there should have been instructions on how to move because it took me awhile to figure it out. Also, I only see one minigame, and no quizzes. This was overall a confusing game, but if you worked at it some more, this could be a great game.

No instructions, too much bugs, no sounds or music and extremely boring.

And why do you use the grass textures as a floor when out of the minigame and as a wall in the minigame?