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The Ultimate Dog Fight!

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Author Comments

Update. If you lag here is youtube version

Thanks Goes to Aznpikachu215 for making a vote version.
Don't know why but be sure to close the space in A in watch.

Please Read Before Viewing!

WARNING: Intensive Graphic, Battle, Animated Violence, Blood.
Best Viewed on Strong Computer/Fast Connection.

Click on Name at the End to see Winner Last Hit. Or Tie.
Yes Tie is a button.

Note: Turned up the style a couple of notches. :3
This is different from what I'm use to doing.

First: Shout Out and Special Thanks Goes To MindChamber! XD
For letting me use his Werewolf character in the preloader.
It fits the theme.

Thanks Techlesswayz! For the code source.

Greeting Newgrounds peoples!
It's time for the leash to come off the hounds.
Not very long only about 3 mins Running. This is just another dedication to keep the sprites alive.

XD I would like to present to you The Ultimate Dog Fight!
An short epic fight between Sabrewulf and Jon Talbain!
That's right an all out brawl between the hounds.
Personally I think they both should be put down. J/K I love these two equally so that is why I can not favor just one.

I can't tell who won and I made the thing! So I am in need of your help peoples. XD I'm taking votes!

No matter what happens through out the movie; I would like you tell me who won!
According to your post I will keep adding the score when I can or people can just count it up reading the post.

So in your comments please let me know who won in your opinion. If you voted a tie then just say it's was a tie. :)
You can consider this as a small posting game.
So let me know what you guys think of this epic fight!

Try to keep up! XD Enjoy!
This is made to Entertain & Inspire Purpose Only!

Sabrewulf is copyrighted by Rare.
Jon Talbain is copyrighted by Capcom.

The people have spoken! Winner Score Count!
Newgrounds Score Count
Sabrewulf: 2
Jon Talbain: 8
Tie: 3

On DA Score Count

Sabrewulf: 3
Jon Talbain: 10
Tie: 1

Youtube Score Count
Sabrewulf: 3
Jon Talbain: 9
Tie: 2

Go to the forum to pick next line up.

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Jon Talbain

MysticSkillz responds:

Ok Noted. :)

I lagged a little, so I had to watch this on Youtube.

I must say though, this was spectacular!

The fight was excellently animated. It was fast-paced, and flowed from one scene to the next. Speaking of scenes; my favorite was where they were fighting on top of the moving truck and caused it to wreck.

However, the fight itself felt somewhat lacking. I don't know, it just didn't feel quite as bloody and brutal as I imagined it would. That might be because of how you didn't really play up how hard they were hitting each other. Or it could be the sound effects not sounding quite as I imagined.

I mean, it was mostly yelping, growling, and howling-- which I expect from a fight between two werewolves-- but maybe adding in the sound of bones being crunched by teeth, or flesh being shredded with claws might have added to it a little. Really sell the fact that they're tearing into one another, y'know?

That's not to say it was bad though. You did a very good job, and I look forward to watching your future submissions.

MysticSkillz responds:

Thank you so much. And I understand where your getting at about it being more brutal. Before making this project I did thought about making it more bloody and leaving blood stains on the ground, but for some parts during it's making the camera started lagging on me so I had to cut it short. And adding extra sounds may be block out with the music and all. Other than that. I agree. XD

Much talent has been shown. But bro, take ur time. Dont rush it. U did some parts abit too fast. Watch some other sprite fights and better your VCam skills. If u continue to do this, will be excellent.


MysticSkillz responds:

Thanks for the comment.

Tie. How longg did it take to make this?

MysticSkillz responds:

Ok your score is noted. On and off only two weeks.

I love both the Darkstalker series as well as Killer Instinct. I played with both characters equally and I gotta say its hard to give a win but i guess John pulls it out with his semi mystic abilities.

MysticSkillz responds:

XD ok cool! Glad you enjoyed the movie. Your score has been added,

Credits & Info

3.62 / 5.00

May 19, 2013
2:48 PM EDT