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Natures Crys

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This was done for a moving image project for class, me and my partner worked on it together.
The Idea came from a poem I wrote when I was going through a bit of a bad month and I looked outside to see a robin in my garden.

Originally there was going to be a voiceover but then I thought it might be a bit overdoing it....

Anyway me and my partner worked on this alot and I have to thank him for keeping me motivated, I don't think I would've done this without him motivating me and making sure I was working and not messing about, he also provided some of the sound effects, so I decided to post it up here for fun, I asked him if I could before I did.

Down below is the poem that the animation was based on:

Oh Robin sitting in my Garden
Do you miss the lands that were not inhabited by man
Do you miss flying over green lands
Green lands that were not ruined with towering shapes
Shapes that obscure the lands you flew with pride

Oh Robin sitting in my Garden
Do you miss the clear tastes of the nature's hand
Do you miss the trees that you once sat upon in awe
The clear skies that have forever turned black

Oh Robin sitting in my Garden
Whatever happened to the lands
The lands that you once called home
Did the creature called man wander in
And by his touch turned everything to ruin

Oh Robin sitting in my Garden
What has the hand of man done to you
To cause the land that you once knew
To fall in rubble, ruin and destruction
Where has the hand of Nature disappeared?
Has she left us o wallow in our own mess

Oh Robin sitting in my Garden
I miss the days were I could run down green fields
I miss the days where I can enjoy the sounds of your brethren
Watching as the sun rises
Watching as the moon falls
Seeing Nature in all of it's glory

Oh Robin sitting in my Garden
When will man learn to fulfil their promises
When will we fully comprehend Nature's hand
When will we respect her
How will we better ourselves and her lives?

Oh Robin sitting on my Windowsill
As you gaze at me through my window
Your red breast representing the warnings that man needs to heed
When should mankind repair the damages that they have done to Nature's beauty

Oh Robin flying to the dark dreary skies
Will you find a place that is clear
Where Man has never laid a hand
So that you and the rest of your brethren may live on
Free from our damaging hands

Oh Robin disappearing in the skies above
When will Man learn?

Anyway I hope that you guys enjoy this piece ^_^

The sound track was done by MarkySpark and I appreciate he gave me permission to use this soundtrack.

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Nice piece you made here, was chilled with good music decent artwork and easy to follow the story nice work :)

I know a lot of people are gonna be feeling weird about it. But I believe wholeheartedly in stories like this so I can really appreciate it. Beautiful piece. Music went well with it.