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Car Eats Car 2: Mad Dream

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Acrobat I 5 Points

perform 2 combo flips

Acrobat II 5 Points

perform 4 combo flips

Acrobat III 5 Points

perform 6 combo flips

Acrobat IV 5 Points

perform 8 combo flips

Destroyer I 5 Points

destroy 5 enemies

Destroyer II 5 Points

destroy 20 enemies.

Destroyer III 5 Points

destroy 50 enemies.

Driver I 5 Points

covered distance 5 km

Driver II 5 Points

covered distance 10 km

Driver III 5 Points

covered distance 20 km

Hardcorer I 5 Points

use 1 super bonus

Hardcorer II 5 Points

use 3 super bonus

Hardcorer III 5 Points

use 5 super bonuses

Impregnable I 5 Points

complete 1 level with 100% health

Mechanic I 5 Points

use 2 repair kits.

Mechanic II 5 Points

use 5 repair kits.

Mechanic III 5 Points

use 10 repair kits

Persistent I 5 Points

perform 1 restart

Persistent II 5 Points

perform 3 restarts

Persistent III 5 Points

perform 5 restarts

Persistent IV 5 Points

perform 10 restarts

Pilot I 5 Points

fly for 2 seconds

Pilot II 5 Points

fly for 5 seconds.

Pilot III 5 Points

fly for 10 seconds

Slasher's head 5 Points

destroy Slasher at least once

Tycoon I 5 Points

collect 100 rubies on the road

Tycoon II 5 Points

collect 500 rubies on the road

Acrobat V 10 Points

perform 10 combo flips

Archiver's head 10 Points

destroy Archiever at least once

Chomper's head 10 Points

destroy Chomper at least once

Destroyer IV 10 Points

destroy 200 enemies

Driver IV 10 Points

covered distance 50 km

Hardcorer IV 10 Points

use 10 super bonuses.

Impregnable II 10 Points

complete 3 levels with 100% health

Impregnable III 10 Points

complete 5 levels with 100% health

Impregnable IV 10 Points

complete 7 levels with 100% health

Loco Machine's head 10 Points

destroy Loco Machine at least once

Mechanic IV 10 Points

use 20 repair kits

Persistent V 10 Points

perform 20 restarts

Pilot IV 10 Points

fly for 15 seconds

Pilot V 10 Points

fly for 20 seconds

Tankominator's head 10 Points

destroy Tankominator at least once

Tycoon III 10 Points

collect 2000 rubies on the road

Destroyer V 25 Points

destroy 500 enemies

Driver V 25 Points

covered distance 100 km

Hardcorer V 25 Points

use 20 super bonuses

Impregnable V 25 Points

complete 10 levels with 100% health

Mechanic V 25 Points

use 50 repair kits

Tycoon IV 25 Points

collect 5000 rubies on the road

Tycoon V 50 Points

collect 10000 rubies on the road

Author Comments

Who could ever think that little cars can fight with monsters? a continuation of the Car Eats Car with even more challenges! The stakes are upped in Eats Car

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dilicioso o game

super glitchy, but tbh that's the only part of it that's fun

I played the mobile version/s of this game and I really don't remember the graphics and car controls being so damn CRAPPY! the car graphics are slow, the reaction times of the beetle is SLOW! you have basically NO control unless on the ground. You kill one enemy and another just appears right behind you. if it wasn't for the medals I seriously wouldn't even bother with clicking on it.

heerr, what. this game is. uhm. well... it's not great, sorry. i can see that it's happy wheels.. -esque, but with cars the movie and weapons. it's a bad idea.

the plot is as bland as it can get. if you didn't include it, this whole thing still wouldn't make sense. the graphics are not good... like, at all. i thought this was something from the early newgrounds age but then i say that it was made in 2013. uh. the music complements the title, in the sense that it's nightmarish. not because it's disturbing, like the ost of a good horror movie; it's because this can give anyone a big headache, it's really bad. probably the worst part of the presentation.

gameplay wise... eh. i think the fact that there's guns makes it a little more original. nothing too special, honestly... the controls are not great either but they aren't awful so that's something, i guess.

sorry, man, but this really isn't a good game.

great game like the evil cars and upgrades