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TF: Survival Mode 3

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We got moving 5 Points

Acquire 150 score or more

Good Job! 10 Points

Acquire 405 score or more

Gotta move! 10 Points

Move without stopping for 15 seconds in Hard mode

Addicted 25 Points

Acquire 660 score or more

Master Avoider 50 Points

Acquire 915 score or more

Author Comments

The second redesign of the survival mode of The Floorsland series! Avoid the spikes that will endlesslly fall from the ceiling, try out different game modes, get medals, brag in the high scores, customise the backgrounds, change the ground colour and much more!

Update (18th May 2013): The spikes now have a 40% chance to just go on top of the player and not in a random position each time they fall. You will not notice this easily if you are playing fairly, but you will notice it quickly if you go standing on the left/right of the screen and gaining score. Update 2 on the same day: fixed spikes being at the same height in all game modes.

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Well the game is fun for sure I do think its a bit on the hard side and the medals are a nice choice, does seem to take a good while to get the actual medal, Some added detail within the art would be a plus, but anyways good game here make more sometime.

As posted above


this game is way to difficult lol why have health bar if one hit can kill you?..

Game is really tedious and even though the different difficulty settings offer some variety as far as a challenge goes, nothing gets harder in whatever mode you're playing on.

It takes forever to get the medals, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that the score seems kind of random as far as how it tallies itself up. I can only imagine that there's a hit test at the bottom of the screen below the canvas that registers it and deletes the movie clip while upping the score, but whatever it is it doesn't seem to work very well (actually, that way seems like the best way of doing things if you hadn't done that already).

Also, increase the frame rate. A game like this would work better if it was smoother looking, and 12 fps (or possibly lower) doesn't cut it. Makes the game feel choppy.

telinc1 responds:

Sorry for the belated reply.
I've never really considered the game tedious or the score tallying random, but I do agree on the latter. It doesn't work the way you proposed and looking back, it's actually quite a weird way that I wouldn't have gone with now.
I completely agree with the frame rate. This is partially based off of "How to make a platform game in advance" (as are all current Floorslands; the upcoming one won't even be a Flash game), and I guess I just didn't care to adjust the constants to make it work with higher frame rates (I should have as it really does feel choppy).
I definitely can't call the game good now that I look back at it. It's quite flawed, and I'd rather completely rewrite it than patch up the mistakes. Thanks for the review!

This game was apparently supposed to halve your score each time you died, but it did not do that for me, except once or twice, making the medals easy due to the score being cumulative. I played Hard mode, so it could be exclusive to that particular difficulty.

My score *was* halved after losing Hardcore runs

Essentially the only challenging medal was the Gotta Move! medal for running 15 seconds in a row on Hard Mode.

Good game nonetheless.

telinc1 responds:

It's not a bug, only Hardcore mode halves your score, the others do not and are not supposed to.