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Another killer species is free from captivity and out for blood! Our favourite Piranha has escaped the local Aquarium and is terrorizing various surroundings, but this time he has found grim allies. The objective is to eat as much as you can, complete objectives, upgrade your fish and call on your allies when you need them.

Move / Mouse

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I like the series, but the problem with this game is it's SO buggy.

i dont know what game Norman below is playing, but it aint this, cuz this just gets better and better with every iteration, making gamesis about trying new stuff,seeing what works, keeping the stuff that does, throw out the stuff that doesn't, add something new etc etc rinse rpeat. and these games do that each and every time. i love them. and i'm so gonna do a let's play on the whole series on my Youtube channel at some point (my channel is also D0S81 btw peeps, come check me out, i've just started but i'm quite proud of my google feud ep, its the first time i've edited properly as the rest were done on the fly) anyway,. yeah, defo gonna do a series on these cuz they rock.

The first one is the only one I really enjoyed. It wasn't so damn frustrating. It's cool that they tried to make an actual world in which to explore, but it's so damn slow paced. Go here, eat these people, break these boats, figure out the easy puzzle, get eaten by the shark that was hiding in the dirt, eat more people, die from too much air, get eaten by surprise shark again, break more boats, double/triple jump to get to new areas, die by the little underwater fan things, surprise shark again, eat more people...

I think this is better than Feed Us 2-4 so I gave it a 3, but still... damn... Markiplier enjoys these games? I'd rather play that old school fish game where you start small, eating smaller fish, grow, eat the slightly bigger fish that were capable of eating you when you were small, grow, eat the even bigger fish, and so on. Yeah it's more simple, but at least it's less frustrating and hammy, not to mention that old school game has MUCH better controls! I think it's safe to say I'll never play these games again...

great game

wheres the fire