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Highway of the dead

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The Highway is full of zombies and all you have is a rusty old motor car to get you to the next checkpoint before the area gets nuked.

Run over the zombies to gain bonus boost and see how much money you can recover from each level to upgrade your car.

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Hey, Just wanted to say how much I loved playing this game.... Tough to find a driver I enjoy... Looking forward to more. THANKS!

This game isn't really like the game you'd expect to play, it's super slow it feels and controls like a mobile game, the music is super annoying, controls are whack,the sound effects are super annoying and the main menu looks horrible.

The one thing stopping me from giving this a higher rating is the fact that earning enough money for upgrades takes forever and I have been stuck on the same level because I just can't go fast enough. Other than that this is an okay game, nothing super impressive but better than anything I could do.

This is not a zombie game. This is a racing game reskinned.

Taking the menacing villains of one genre and making them the bonus items you are supposed to go for, rather than avoid, is a dumb idea. In no way are the zombies the threat in this game, they are actively helping you finish the levels. That's bonkers.

Also, I don't appreciate that you happened to use the name of a significantly better game; if you are hoping to capitalize on the confusion, you should be ashamed of yourselves.


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4.03 / 5.00

May 14, 2013
11:30 AM EDT