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Beat It

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Beat It is a game about experimentation. The goal is to rack up a high score by bouncing the 'Squares' back before they cross the screen.

You'll unlock some new features by getting a high enough score, which hopefully keeps things a bit fresh for a good 10 minutes or so.

This is my first game, so I'm glad to have finally gotten THAT out of the way...

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I really like the concept of this game and the multiplier score; unfortunately, the game is significantly impacted by the collision of the paddle. The edge of the paddle seems not to exist, squares look like they pass through if you hit them from the side. Also, I don't know if others' computers have this problem but every once in awhile there's a lag spike and a square can pass right through the paddle. I think that this is a really great game that could easily be a 4-5 star game but I think that the collision needs improvement.

i like the concept. its simple and you can go for acheivements so overall great flash game.

It's funny that a simple game like this can be so entertaining.
I raged so hard after I noticed that this lacks a save feature. It's hard to get that last feature.
I wonder what that is. I'll keep on playing until I find out.

What this game lack is some sort of BGM, but that didn't really matter.
I didn't like that fact, that the game doesn't save your last used settings. Turning all features on again can be tedious, if you want to restart right away.

It's a nice time-waster and I recommend it to anyone.

Not bad, but the scores required for the next unlocks are pretty high

Definitely very addicting!

I think the font choice in the menu could be better. Maybe something a little easier to read and more pleasing to the eye. The same could be said for the color scheme. I like that it's colorful, but it seems like random colors from the palette were chosen, instead of sticking to a pre-chosen color scheme.

The different features are fun, and it's very addictive trying to unlock new ones and see what they'll do! I had a hard time getting myself to stop playing.