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Super Mario Browsers

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MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/us er/icheproductionz
in summer 2009 i came up with an idea for
this animation, and started working. I animated this one really
passionatly. however, time flies, the process
of animating took me way too long, facebook
changed it's design, and i abandoned this
animation. recently i've discovered this project
on my hard drive, and decided, that maybe i should
do a remake? but it's up to you, my viewer. if you
liked this old animation of mine, please, let me know.

thanks for watching!

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The fact that FB changed their layout seems irrelevant, the fight between browsers is still as relevant as ever, and IEs file-type requirements and troubles, you get sympathy for IE in this, almost tempts me to try the new browser. :) The animation starts off a bit slow, feels like too much 'dialog' and surprise, not enough action, but it gets better and better. Nice work!