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Arrow keys to control. a little simple game, I made this in like 30 mins, and even though u dont care... im 12 >.< And yes, i can do better :P


If you really wanted something, You could just put this on your dumping grounds instead of making your game making name be known for crappy games.

defenclesscookie responds:

douche ;-;

What u use to make it ? Its too simple. Add main menu, music and winning score. And then you will be able to call it GAME.

defenclesscookie responds:

i made it with macromedia flash 8, main menu glitched so i removed it

This game is too simple. there's no end score. No background noise, music, or sound effects of any kind. No difficulty level. There's just too much this game is lacking to give this a good score of any kind. Add some or all of these things next time and you will get a better score from me next time.

defenclesscookie responds:

yeah, i am going to be working on an better one :p

It's not terrible, but it's just a pong clone. It's good that you are making an effort but even though you're starting out simple you should try to make this pong clone as awesome as possible. One thing I noticed as soon as I started was that the collision animation is weird in that the square is drawn over the object it is colliding with for a frame (which might be fixed by adding/subtracting half the size of the square to/from the position of the collided platform or wall for the collision check). Also, an AI could also be added instead of a platform just moving back and forth. You could also work on adding a menu and also maybe a game over condition so that game doesn't go on forever

defenclesscookie responds:

yeah, sorry i tried making the menu but it glitched and i didnt want to fix it >.<

Where is the sound effects? just a little *PLING* would be enough
otherwise good game ;)

defenclesscookie responds:

Nah this game is terrible, ty anyway.

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1.76 / 5.00

May 11, 2013
2:45 PM EDT
Skill - Toss